Nachos with Mediterranean dip

n just a few steps, you can conjure up crispy nachos from the Öz Dürüm tortillas. The Öz Karadeniz Acukasi paste gives the whole a Mediterranean touch and represents the perfect dip to the Nachos. MerkenMerken

Apple & Bacon Künefe

From Öz Künefe Kadayif, you can prepare the delicious dessert Künefe. Bacon strips and apple slices give the whole thing a very special touch. MerkenMerken MerkenMerken

Spicy Party-Chicken-Wraps

The Öz Dürüm tortillas offer the perfect basis for wraps. The Spicy Party Chicken Wrap variant is quickly prepared and great as a snack for parties. The Öz Kayseri Cemeni paste also provides a spicy taste experience. MerkenMerken MerkenMerken

Manti Vegetable Soup

 ÖZ YUFKA offers you the foundation of an excellent vegetable soup With Taze Kayseri Manti. Together with the Manti your soup will be true delight. MerkenMerkenMerkenMerkenMerkenMerken

Mascarpone bags

The Mini Lahmacun Hamuru dough cannot only be used for savoury dishes. It is also a good base for desserts, such as filled with a delicious mascarpone cream.

Twisted Turkish pizza sticks

Would you like a quick and delicious snack? Findik Lahmacun Hamuru, the first product on the market suitable as a pizza base for traditional Turkish pizza, offers you the perfect basis for Turkish pizza sticks. Öz Kokusuz spice paste provides the extra intense taste. MerkenMerken

Cheese noodles

With Taze Kayseri Manti, ÖZ YUFKA offers you the foundation stone for your dish for excellent German egg noodles (Spätzlepfanne). With the rich Turkish spaetzle, your German egg noodles will transform into haut cuisine.

Tortilla Canellonis with Minced Beef

The Öz Dürüm tortillas are a great alternative for classic cannellonis. If you use the paste Öz Kokusuz Cemen as seasoning, you have the perfect Cannellonis. Merken MerkenMerkenMerkenMerkenMerkenMerken